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We will arrange for you to rent residential and non-residential premises in your property.

For each property, we provide media coverage of units for rent, we can design modifications, repairs or complete reconstruction so as to make the rented unit more attractive.


  • Advertising on the company's website

  • Providing standard leases

  • Cooperation with verified real estate companies on the market

  • Arranging inspections of offered properties




We follow current trends in supply and demand, we know leased properties and thanks to the combination of these tools we are able to flexibly arrange the rental of units.


Here are the services we offer for you:


  • Advertising on Facebook MOJU properties sro

  • Publication of an advertisement on professional real estate servers

  • Start of advertising in printed media (according to the client's budget)

  • Presentation of the property / unit to serious interested parties on the market

  • Organization of professional inspection of units with potential tenants

  • Stakeholder support during the decision-making process

  • Provision of any technical, contractual or organizational information

  • Negotiations with potential tenants

  • Signing contracts on the basis of a power of attorney

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