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We offer our clients financial services in property management.It includes personalization of the financial plan, including coverage of legislative obligations in the Czech Republic. There is no substitute for the experience our team can offer you.

We use many of financial tools and services, we are able to ensure that your property has ever-increasing value. We will always provide you with an accurate picture of the state of your property and company, so that your investment decisions are as simple as possible.

  • Providing accounting for property owners according to valid CZE legislation

  • Preparation of annual accounts and financial statements

  • Regular reporting of results and statutory reporting

  • Preparation of documents and processing of tax returns

  • Communication with state authorities, external consultants and auditors

At regular intervals, you will have a prepared agenda for financial offices and property administration.

We also provide communication with the state administration, external consultants or auditors and banking institutes.

We present here services from our financial portfolio:


  • Complete accounting

  • Billing

  • Settlement of cash and bank operations

  • Doing on-going controls on reporting and taxes

  • Archiving documents

  • Property records and depreciation plans

  • Compilation of annual financial statements and financial statements

  • Storing documents in a collection of documents

  • Regular (monthly) reporting of movements in your company

  • Processing of interim balance sheets and profit and loss statements

  • Processing of client reports

  • Statements for the bank, statutory reporting

  • Processing of documents and VAT returns

  • Tracking VAT rate

  • Other taxes: road tax, real estate tax, acquisition tax

  • Processing of income tax documents

  • Preparation of employment contracts and documents

  • Sending regular reports to government authorities

  • Managing the data box

  • Representation and communication with state administration authorities

  • Preparation of documents for tax advisers and auditors

  • Providing room for inspection and audit

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